Micromacrame Jewellery
& Gemstones

- The Dream Factory -

Welcome to my world of creations. An entire process from design to final result. Where each piece is uniquely inspired by nature, music, art and meditation.

Avilys is a creative company that was born about thirteen years ago in Minas Gerais, Brazil. I began by just accumulating rocks, gems, minerals, and fosssils. As my collection grew I then started to learn that rocks and minerals were forged by the most powerful events in our planet’s past and revered for millennia as talismatic artifacts, becoming the focus of myth and legend.

From the geologically short perspective of a human lifetime, rocks and minerals may appear permanent and unchanging. But in reality old minerals are constantly breaking down and new minerals being formed. What we see around us is a momentary snapshot of the point rocks or minerals are now at in the process called “the rocks circle”.

I use Linhasita waxed thread specially design for Micromacrame jewelry based on its lightness durability and hypoallergenic properties (0’5mm or 1’00mm).

The world of rocks and minerals offers virtually endless posibilities for the specialized hobbyist. Combining Micromacrame with rocks, gems or minerals is a highly creative process. This weaving technique consist of tying special cords into knots in such a way that they form a pattern or design, it has been used to make a wide variety of products since ancient Mesopotamia, between the 18th and 6th centuries BC.

Avilys “Dream Factory” is a creative company currently based in Orgiva, Granada, Spain that features necklaces, anklets and bracelets inspired in natural elements. Reach out if you have questions or would like to place an online order.


Hello! I’m Sylvia, an artist that loves opening to the creative energy that mother nature brings us and make each piece inspired from this space.

Throughout my life I have always had a curiosity and love for taking diverse ideas and influences and finding new ways to bring them together, this has developed into my Micromacrame jewellery hobby/career, combining gemstones and threads into jewelry is my passion!

I have now created my shop with the dream to share my passion with the world. 


Bobby is my gemstone provider, he lives in Jaipur, India. This city is known for its incredible gemstones.

Together we’ve decided to set up this online shop where we can both show our crafts to the world.

His products are beautiful and very high quality, feel free to have a look.

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